Kombucha Workshop

I’ve experimented a lot with kombucha in the past few years. During my internship ar Waag I even had my own ‘fermentation shelf’ occupied with various large brewing vessels with soon-to-be kombucha, water- and milk kefir, red wine vinegar and lots of fruit flies. I supplied multiple party’s with my kombucha cocktails and experimented a lot. Not only with kombucha as a drink, but also with kombucha as a biomaterial. By drying the pellicle which forms on top of the kombucha you can achieve a leather-like material.

The biohack academy at Waag investigates various ways of making biomaterials. And because i have experience when it comes to fermentation and kombucha, they asked me to provide a workshop on this topic.

The workshop

You canwatch the presentation here

And you can download the handout here