Who am I?

Hazal AteĊŸ (1995, Amsterdam) Hazal is a multi-disciplinary maker based in Utrecht, the Netherlands, with a lot of different fascinations - or micro-obsessions as she likes to call them. Her work is a cross-over of art, science and technology and ranges from 3D printing to console hacking to growing materials out of living bacteria, but most importantly: a lot of experimentation. She graduated in 2023 from Image & Media Technology at the University of Arts Utrecht (HKU). During her studies, she couldn't decide if she wanted to focus on her passion for food or electronics, but throughout her minor Creative Technology at the faculty of applied science in Rotterdam (HR), and her internship at Fablab (Waag Futurelab) she discovered she didn't have to choose; By combining all of her interest, she comes up with new ideas and designs. This is where most of her inspiration originates from. Currently Hazal works at Program Creative Technology at HKU, while working on her own projects on the side.